Business Inoformation

Company Profile

Company Name: KJTD Co., Ltd.
Established: December 18, 1971
Capital Stock: JPY 64,550,000
Representative director: Hiroyuki Takahashi
Headquarters 45th floor Sunshine60
1-1 Higashiikebukuro 3-chome Toshima-ku,Tokyo,170-6045 JAPAN
TEL:(81)3-5957-7367;  FAX:(81)3-5957-7369
Osaka Factory 9-29 Sumida 1-Chome Higashiosaka-shi Osaka, 578-0912
TEL. 81-72-965-6231    FAX. 81-72-962-2157
Directors and Auditor
  • Chairman Kimio Sato
  • Representative director Hiroyuki Takahashi
  • Director Tadashi Hamashima
  • Director Takeshi Shimada
  • Auditor Toshifumi Tsutsui

Sales Items

  • Design, Manufacturing, and sales of Ultrasonic Testing Equipments (For on-line and portable type)
  • Sales of Ultrasonic Probes and Phased Array Probes
  • Sales of Eddy Current & Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing Equipment
  • Sales of Leak Detector manufactured by SDT International, Belgium
  • Sales of Infrared Camera manufactured by FLIR SYSTEMS Inc.