Ultra Fast Massive Parallel Phased Array Equipment



Must Have Phased Array !

  • 128 elements aperture parallel focusing
  • Less than 8 kg with very secure housing for field use
  • Airtight housing with option
  • Battery pack also available

The speed of ECT with the accuracy of UT

  • 6 real time power PC CPU inside the hardware
  • 100 MHz acquisition and processing
  • Applicative wizards
  • Volume Focusing
  • Matrix management

Real 128 parallel focusing channels per module
Volume Focusing for field inspection

  • One transmit pulse allows a complete B-scan by module computation.
  • Ultra-fast technique (typically 20-50 times faster than electronic scanning) without significant loss in sensitivity.
  • Oblique flaw imaging without speed decrease compare to electronic scanning.

Large aperture available: freely adjustable from 1-128 by wizard programming (256 and 512 with option)

Real DDF (Dynamic Depth Focusing), Real Zone Focusing, Real DAW (Dynamic Amplitude Width)

Parallel beam forming within 1 module of 128 elements (up to 8 with option)
Also available: Tomography, SAFT, Adaptive Focusing

Matrix Array Probe (5 MHz - 121 Elements)

  • Large matrix arrays
  • Pulse echo 128 elements matrix
  • Pitch and catch 128 / 256 elements matrix (256 / 512 or 512 / 1024 with option)
  • 1 transmit pulse allows a complete volume inspection (top, side, end view)